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In accordance with government directives, the Hôtel de Caumont will remain closed until further notice. Refund requests can be sent to

The Hotel de Caumont from yesterday to today

1646 The Birth of the Mazarin Quarter
1715 The laying of the first stone
1745 The end of construction work
1758 The Hôtel de Bruny
1772 The role of the Hôtel de Bruny in the social and cultural life of the city
1796 Pauline de Caumont inherits the Hôtel de Bruny
1850 The death of Pauline de Caumont
1939 Caumont during the Resistance
1964 The conservatoire of music and dance for the town
1990 Listed as a Historic Monument
2010 Culturespaces, the new owner
2013 The start of restoration work
2015 Opening of the Caumont Centre d’Art