The Auditorium: "Cezanne au pays d'Aix" film

A film about the life of the painter from Aix, Paul Cezanne, is showing in a basement room of the Caumont Art Centre.

The film "Cezanne au pays d’Aix" is projected continuously in the Auditorium. 

Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) was one of the greatest impressionist painters and a pioneer in the cubism movement. He was deeply attached to Provence, where he was born, and spent his time exploring the region and painting the landscapes and homes that had left an impression on him.

The film “Cezanne in the Aix region” pays tribute to the artist and his love of his birthplace and the region where he grew up. It offers a glimpse into Cezanne’s private life, his relationship with his father, and his secret life in l’Estaque with Hortense Fiquet, with whom he had a son. The story is told in an upbeat and powerful way, including voiceovers and dialogue of the painters own words. The film also shows his most outstanding paintings (Mount Sainte-Victoire, the Jas de Bouffan garden, portraits of Hortense, etc.), and images of places where the painter lived, worked and expressed himself artistically.

The film emphasizes Cezanne’s pictorial research in Provence and his vision of painting while touching on some of the key moments in his life, such as his friendships with Zola and Renoir as a young man.

Key Paul Cezanne experts contributed to the making of the film, including Denis Coutagne, art historian and honorary curator of the Musées de France, and Philippe Cezanne, the artist’s great-grandson.


Time : 28 minutes
Realisation : Antoine Lassaigne / Ligne de Front
Production : Culturespaces