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Visiting aids

Unaccompanied visitors to Caumont - Art Centre are provided with a free audio guide in French, English and Spanish on their arrival. It provides information on the private mansion’s history, architecture, and gardens, and more thematic information. Available in 2 langagues: French and English. 

The audio guide of the exhibition (in French and English - €4,50) offers a guided tour of the exhibition with the commentary on 20 works of art. 

To discover Caumont - Art Centre, a free booklet is available on your admission. Available in 2 langagues: French and English.

The visit application

For visitors with a smartphone, download the visit application on your mobile now and enjoy 2 tours: "Permanent Collection" and "Temporary Exhibition".

The "permanent collection tour" contains a 35-minute guided tour to explore Caumont - Art Centre and its finest works. Free tour.

The "temporary exhibition tour" allows you to discover the major works of the exhibition through some twenty audio comments.  Paid tour €2,49.

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